Summer Art Camp – Teens

Summer Art Camp - Teen Schedule

Tuition $115 per session.

Download the schedule and registration form here.

Week 1
June 5-9

AM    Art of Africa

*Ramiro Pereyra*
Explore the culture of Africa through it’s art.  Create masks, work on projects portraying its unique wildlife, and be inspired by the unique styles of the continent.

PM    Full STEAM Ahead

*Kristie Parkinson*
Integrate art into your world!  Talk about robots and create your own bristle bot.  Observe art in nature, create tesselations, work with trompe l’oeil, make architectureal drawings, and discover the golden ratio!

Week 2
June 12-16


No class scheduled.

PM    So You Want To Write A Novel?

*David Daniel*
It’s time for and aspiring author’s bootcamp! Focus on preparing for success in tackling large writing projects such as novels.  Learn tips, tricks, and best practices, and walk away with a blueprint for your very own masterpiece.  Come with ideas!

Week 3
June 19-23

AM    Let There Be Light

*Emma Boiselle*
Learn the ins and outs of lighting for the theater, including kinds of lighting, color temperature, mood lighting, basic safety, etc.

PM    Shakespeare LIVE

*Emma Boiselle*
Enter the world of Shakespeare for the week.  See why his work has inspired generation after generation of actors by trying his work on for size and performing it!

Week 4
June 26-30

AM    WIldstyle Calligraphy

*Marshall Jansen*
Learn to create personal fonts, signatures, and logos using combined influences from calligraphy to graffiti.

PM    Welcome to the Theater

*Chas Shay/David Daniel*
Jump into an intensive theater experience that will introduce you to the many aspects of the theater world!

Week 5
July 5-7


No class scheduled.

PM    Roll for the Initiative: D&D and Character Design

*David Daniel*
Based around the  popular pen & paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, participants will explore the building blocks and techniques involved in creating unforgettable characters, and play together with fellow participants to overcome challenges set forth by a veteran Dungeon Master.  Excellent for authors and actors alike!

Week 6
July 10-14

AM    Welcome to the Theater

*Chas Shay/David Daniel*
Jump into an intensive theater experience that will introduce you to the many aspects of the theater world!

PM    Furry & Feathered Friends

*Susanne Harrison*
Create a funky feathered or furry friend with papier mache, paint a portrait of your favorite furry friend, build a tree diorama and fill it with sculpted paper birds. Decorate the paper for the birds using marbles, paints, and marbleizing techniques.

Week 7
July 17-21


No class scheduled.

PM    Painting By Observation

*Karen Trythall*
Do you like to draw what you see?  Learn to expand drawings into watercolor and acrylic paintings.  Work both inside and outside to paint what you see.

Week 8
July 24-28

AM    Art & Science: Learn/Play/Imagine

*Monika Kaden*
Create hands on projects that meld art and science!Art & Science have co-existed throughout history.  Explore these constantly changing and evolving relationships in the unique setting of Los Alamos.

PM    Scripted

*Eliana Drew*
Take on Script Writing!  From first ideas to final drafts this class will show you how to develop an idea into a story and turn that story into a script!

Week 9
July 31 - August 4


No class scheduled.

PM    Digital Arts

*Jacob Spill*
Learn how to work a Wacom Cintiq digital art tablet and use Manga Studio 5 hand in hand with a professional digital artist.