Portal Gallery

Alma DeMange

Experience the blend of music and mood through synesthetically painted watercolors. “Mood dictates each piece with music driving that mood until completion. The pieces, as a result, create themselves.” Meet Alma and experience her paintings in person. Talk to the artist about how she uses music to convert her feelings into something external. Each painting will have a QR code, guiding the viewer through a correlating playlist for the ultimate viewing experience!

“I started out writing and making music in a couple of local Bay Area, CA hard rock/metal bands. Music took a back seat after moving to New Mexico and I found myself seeking another creative outlet to express myself. Painting just happened because I was drawn to all the combinations of color and form. I exclusively source and use handmade gem and mineral watercolors. One of them, a local artisan in Santa Fe, Earth Mineral Arts. These paints are made using earth based pigments and are crafted using old world techniques. Each color contributes a different element and sometimes carries on a life of its own, drying with a different texture than when I first touched wet paint to paper. I love to see how the paints will interact when I’m working with them. I transfuse my heart and soul into my paintings. The transference being carried by whatever I’m listening to. I never know what is going to happen when I start a new piece. It creates itself in a whirlwind of music, color, and human emotion. Myself simply being the conduit, or tool, in the creative process, to convey something ethereal into something tangible. Therefore, the earth is the material that I work with, and the fire is my inflamed spirit.”


April 26 – June 8, 2019

Artist Reception, Friday, April 26, 5pm to 7pm

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