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Pat Walls

About the Artist:

Pat Walls was born in San Francisco, CA and earned her MA in Crafts with an emphasis on Bone and Fiber from California State University in Fresno, CA. 

“I have been working in fiber arts since 1979. I use the linear structure of the sticks to break down the designs into abstract expressions. This magical transformation creates the excitement that helps me continue to explore the process. My current fiber work has expanded to include fabrics and objects that I have collected during foreign travels. These assemblages are meant to give the viewer a sense of the flavor and texture of the cultures and landscapes that I have visited. My portfolio includes pastel, oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, as well as monoprints on Buddha money paper, as seen in this gallery. All of my artistic pursuits are about color, texture, shape, and memories of places and people.”



Artist Reception, Friday, August 2, 5pm to 7pm

Check out a sneak peek of Pat’s work here:

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