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Justin Ramsey

Statement from the Artist:

Photography to me is looking beyond a snapshot of time, and
exploring the realm of beauty that is often overlooked. To capture the
magnificence of the word through a lens, and to signify the wonders
through imagery. Because the vastness of beauty is so abundant, I often
shoot many styles of photography, and incorporate them all into my
images. Landscapes, portraits, boudoir, are all just boxes of classification,
but to photograph them all with out hesitation is to truly see the multitiude
of amazement in our lives.

With the influx of cameras in the market, being professional or
smartphone, more people have claimed the title of professional
photographer. The small niche of infrared photography caught my eye
many years ago, and I began pursuing it further to set myself apart from
others with my images. As I experimented more in the infrared spectrum
of light and saw how different each image was from my expectations, the
love for photography was rekindled and opened my eyes to the beauty of
this world we can’t see with our own eyes.
To create my infrared images, I use a modified Sony a6000. This
collection of work is showcasing the beauty of my hometown shot through
that camera to instill a new sense of wonder in a place I see everyday. To
spark wonder and amazement in a place we all too often take for granted
being locals.

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Artist Reception, Friday, October 11, 5pm to 7pm

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Background Image: Pear I by Monika ten Bruggencate