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Letitia Roller

From the Artist:

All art has the potential of story telling. Territories of Inspiration is a rubric to collect the stories of incidents, places and people that I wish to paint or have already painted. I am inspired by what I see: often I take an image that is either a photograph, a small painting, or a sketch from a place which helps me to recall what inspired me at that particular moment. 

When painting from a photograph there is an interval of time between taking the photograph and creating the painting. It may be days, months, or even years before the painting begins. Time and memory become part of the process. The painting never looks like the photo because I have become a totally different person. I am not interested in creating a painting that looks like a photograph, and in fact some of the paintings in the show are composed from several photos. 
The labels for the paintings refer to the “territory” where the “inspiration” took place. It is my hope that through the painting you too might be able to find your own story about the image. 
All that paintings are made from pastels, a word that comes from the Italian pastello, meaning sticks of color held together with gum tragacanth for a binder. The sticks of color can be layered, mixed, and applied with varying types of pressure to achieve the desired effect. Pastels are made from the same pigments as are oil or watercolor paints. 


Artist Reception, Friday, June 14, 5pm to 7pm

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