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“Solid as a Rock” by Carol Vredenburgh

Carol Vredenburgh is a lifelong artist who now specializes in abstract landscapes. Her main studios are in Lyme, New Hampshire and Jemez Springs, New Mexico, but she travels all over the U.S. gathering inspiration for her paintings. This is her first show since her residency at Bandelier National Monument, and will include work from Bandelier as well as various other rock formations she is currently exploring. The show is entitled “Solid as a Rock – paintings from Bandelier NM and other rocky places”. 

“As I was preparing for this show, I asked myself – 

When chosen for one of the 2016 art residencies at Bandelier NM why was I so excited? Why did I want to do it in the first place? I was excited to dwell in a place that was very special to me and that had called to me for a long time. To really dwell in it – to spend time in it and abide there. It had something it wanted to say to me. As I was there, I spent more and more time pondering the original inhabitants and their relationship to the rock that they literally dwelt in. Dwelling in the rock. To be in relationship with the rock. This tied into my own faith that invites us to abide in the Rock – the source of our being – the source of love, safety, and joy. Not just to visit it and touch base with it now and then, but to make dwelling in the Rock the basis of our life. To make the Rock of Christ our home. And then I knew I had my theme for the show, and I knew why Frijoles Canyon  called to me in the first place. To show me what it means to abide in the Rock.” 

Solid as a Rock – paintings from Bandelier National  Monument and other rocky places. 

May 11, 2018 – June 23, 2018

Artist Reception, Friday, May 11, 5pm to 7pm

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