Kids’ Classes

We offer Wednesday afternoon art classes for first through sixth graders, and 7 weeks of Art Camp during the summers.

Download the 4-6 years 2018 Fall Class List.

Download the 1st-3rd Grades 2018 Fall Class List.

Download the 4th-6th Grades 2018 Fall Class List.

Available Classes: 4-6 Years

Date Class Status
10-Sep Cupcake Factory OPEN
24-Sep Cut Paper Monsters OPEN
15-Oct Flower Garden OPEN
29-Oct Fish Eyes OPEN
12-Nov Monoprints OPEN
26-Nov Robo Lab OPEN
10-Dec Mouse Paint OPEN

Available Classes: 1st-3rd Grade

Date Class Status   Date Class Status
29-Sep Beautiful Bird Art OPEN   25-Oct PM Meow Wolf House OPEN
5-Sep Daring Dioramas FULL   26-Oct AM Spiders and Bats, Oh My! OPEN
12-Sep Fabulous Fish Collage OPEN   26-Oct PM Pumpkin in the Moonlight OPEN
19-Sep Hot Air Balloons Pt. I FULL   31-Oct Clay! Part I OPEN
26-Sep Hot Air Balloons Pt. II FULL   7-Nov Clay! Part II OPEN
3-Oct Warm Leaves, Cool Skies OPEN   14-Nov Create Your Own Universe OPEN
10-Oct Paul Klee Watercolor Castles OPEN   28-Nov Giant Totem Art Wall Hanging OPEN
17-Oct Haunted House Paintings OPEN   5-Dec “Gingerbread Houses FULL
24-Oct Don’t Wake Up the Bear OPEN   12-Dec Stuffed Mermaids or Sharks OPEN
25-Oct AM Aliens and Spaceships OPEN        

Available Classes: 4th-6th Grade

Date Class Status   Date Class Status
29-Sep Sun Prints OPEN   25-Oct PM Halloween Friends OPEN
5-Sep Van Gogh Starry Night OPEN   26-Oct AM Sculpture Art Pt. II OPEN
12-Sep Elephants OPEN   26-Oct PM Self-Portrait Collage OPEN
19-Sep Crazy Collage Animals OPEN   31-Oct Pumpkin in the Moonlight OPEN
26-Sep Inkblot Art OPEN   7-Nov Create Your Own Universe OPEN
3-Oct Hot Air Balloons Pt. I OPEN   14-Nov Clay! Pt I OPEN
10-Oct Hot Air Balloons Pt. II OPEN   28-Nov Clay! Pt II OPEN
17-Oct Giacometti Art OPEN   5-Dec King Tut Portrait OPEN
24-Oct Modular Sculpture OPEN   12-Dec Drawing Skills OPEN
25-Oct AM Sculpture Art Part I OPEN        







Registration: You can call the Fuller Lodge Art Center at (505) 662-1635 to register for any class or you can stop in anytime during our business hours which are Monday through Saturday, from 10am to 4pm.

Class Minimum: Early registration is highly recommended. Every class needs a minimum of 4 students. If the class does not meet that requirement within three days of its scheduled start date, the class will be cancelled.

Payment: Payment is expected in full upon registration. If you fail to pay when signing up, we cannot guarantee your seat in the class.

Class Cancellation: If a class has been cancelled, all students will receive a full refund.

Personal Cancellation:  If you call to cancel no later than one week prior to the start of class, the Fuller Lodge Art Center will reimburse you your registration fee, less $10. For any cancellations made during the week the class is scheduled (Less than 7 days prior), we cannot offer a refund.

Annual Class Exhibit: All students are encouraged to enter their artwork into our annual class show which takes place at the beginning of each year. There is no fee to participate. You can decide which pieces you would like to have on display and you can choose to sell it or mark it as Not For Sale. You do need to fill out the application (just so we know what’s coming in for the exhibit).