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Strings Attached

Nearly 400 years ago John Donne wrote “No Man is an Island”, referring to how the world is all interconnected. The world is an increasingly smaller place where true isolationism is an impossibility and networks and followers more and more often mark success. Connections need not be negative- families, found families, beloved pets, nature- explore these connections and both the joys and responsibilities they bring.

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Submission  Deadline:

Friday, September 10th

Artists Notified

Friday, September 17th

Artwork Drop-off:

Monday-Saturday, September 20th-25th

Show Opens

Friday, October 1st

Show Closes

Saturday, November 13th

Artwork Pickup

Saturday/Monday, November 13th/15th



Affordable Arts Holiday Show

With a Black Friday opening, the Art Center transforms the gallery space into a winter wonderland of affordable holiday gifts. 

Questions? Email info@fullerlodgeartcenter.com. 


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