Current Exhibit


March 6th-April 4th

Opening Reception: Friday, March 6th from 5pm-7pm

There is a saying that the journey is what brings happiness, not the destination. Journeys imply movement, action, and a sense of exploration. Pilgrims welcome those journeys with sacred purpose. As Mark Twain once remarked, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” Take on voyages and crusades of all sizes to span vast distances or wind through the enclosed  spaces of heart and mind with this incredible exhibit! This show features the work of over 40 artists and showcases a wide range of media. 






Upcoming Exhibits

Green Thumb

Although everyone is familiar with landscapes abounding in colors other than green, green has always had a way of  signifying environmental health. Take on a green mentality to create, supplement, and sustain a thriving environment. Use this exhibition to explore topics like global warming, to recognize our integral role in our landscape, or to simply marvel in the fertility of the natural world. Are our carbon footprints killing off the world with our heavy treads, or is there hope?




Background Image Sacred Trust: BROKEN by Serit Kotowski