Current Exhibit

Plein Air Paint Out

September 25th – October 10th

This event, sponsored jointly by Plein Air Painters of New Mexico (PAPNM) and Los Alamos Arts Council, is the second plein air event of this nature. The Los Alamos Paint Out is a painting contest for members of PAPNM. Contestants must start with blank canvases or papers that are officially stamped on the back. Artists then go to locales within defined borders surrounding the Los Alamos area to catch the true light and colors of New Mexico’s landscape from dawn till dusk for two and a half days. Participants choose their best two entries, frame them and present them to PAPNM officials for judging. This year’s judge was Jane Chapin, who is an accomplished,  internationally-known artist from Pecos, NM.

This show is currently available online at


Congratulations to the winners of this years contest!

1st Place- Madina Croce, ““Looking Over the Rio Grande”

2nd Place- Pat Leister, “White Rock Trail View”

3rd Place- Elizabeth Ming Cooper, “This One’s for Joe”




Previous Exhibit: Celebration of Clay

July 31st-September 19th

The New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists (NMPCA) holds an annual exhibition of member work to showcase a wide range of expression in the ceramic arts. This event fulfills the primary mission of this statewide organization to promote excellence and creativity in the clay arts. In addition, this self-juried exhibition aids in the understanding and appreciation of the clay arts and artists throughout the state of New Mexico and beyond. 

This show is still available online at at the NMPCA’s Website:



Previous Exhibit: 40 Winks

June 26-July 25th

“I have a dream…” Those four words echo from our collective past to inform our present about how far we have come as individuals and a society, and how far we have yet to go. Dreaming takes us out of our normal lives and presents us with possibilities, and can allow us the respite and practice to see without reprecussion. Let your imagination run wild with images of the dream worlds. 

Image “Still Point” by Alexis Palmaffy 

This exhibit is still availible for viewing online at